Waxing: Pose Uses Only the finest quality wax to remove your unwanted hair. This form of hair removal is long lasting and shows re-growth to be finer and slower. Say goodbye to ruff shaven hairs. Being smooth is good for you.

Tinting: Makes your eyelashes/eyebrows darker. Ideal for someone always on the go, swimmers, sensitive eyes, contact lense wearers or for anyone who doesn’t like to wear mascara. Patch test must be carried out 24 hours prior to tinting treatment.

Eyelash Perming: With eyelash perming you can have great curly eyelashes without the use of eyelash curlers. Lasts up to 6 weeks and eyelash tint is included with every eyelash perm. Get the chance to flutter your new found eyelashes.

False Eyelashes: Ideal for adding a little touch of glamour to your eyes. Strip and individual lashes are available. Caution is needed when removing lashes. Best to return to the salon to do so.

Manicure: Includes nail file, buff, polish, cuticle treatment, hand/arm massage and hand condition treatment. Good for getting your nails into good condition. Will make your nails look better and help them to grow. Recommeded once a month, with good home care.

Mini Manicure: Gives your nails a wake-up call. Includes nails filed and buffed to give them a healthy shine. Cuticle treatment also. Nail colour of your choice.

File & Paint: Nails filed into desired shape. Colour of your choice.

French Polish: Touch of elegance. China white tips and choice of glossy or matt bases. Top coat applied for high gloss and hard wearing.